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Frequently asked questions

What is Forest School?

Forest school based on 6 key principles- in short: FS is a long term process; ideally in a woodland setting; its focus is on holistic development; it allows children to take supported risks;​ it is facilitated by FS qualified leaders. For more information see the FSA website:

Where is it?

Our sites are private and Council owned parks and countryside areas, around Oldham and Saddleworth.  We also work with schools at their site if it is suitable. We are on the look out for a private woodland to rent- if you have one please let us know. Postcodes for our sites are on our booking site which can be found under 'Booking' on the task bar above.

Do you stay out in the rain?

Yes we do. Every day can't be perfect, we are teaching resilience and how to weather the storms of life! We suggest that children dress appropriately for any possible weather and that they wear too much rather than too little.  A waterproof jacket and trousers are really important for protection from rain but they are also windproof and mud proof too.  We put up a shelter if wet weather is forecast.  Remember- the weather always seems worse when you are indoors.

What shall I wear?

Children should wear long trousers for protection from nettles and brambles and bring hat and gloves for colder weather a sunhat and suncream for warmer weather.  We stay out for extended periods of time.

What shall I bring?

Usually a packed lunch for forest school days, sun cream and extra water when its warm;  warm clothes and waterproofs and a bag to carry it all in.  A full change of clothes for our under 5's is a great idea.

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